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January 2016

January Students of the Month

Submitted by andrea.pond on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 08:50
Andrea Pond

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the January 2016 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for January are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Brayden DeMarco, Eli Shumway, Brennan Purcell

English: Nathan Galbraith, Ashlyn Hughes, Zach Foster

Fine Arts: Sarah Haderlie, Landon Cardon, Jarom Newell

Foreign Language: Adam Taylor, Jackson Adams, Dylan Mitchell

Health: James Hagen, Nathan Austin

Math: Wendy Griffin, Tenley Nutall, Koby Weber

PE: Rylee Clark, Colton Archibald, Cameron Peterson

Science: Maggie Ribble, Katie Rex, Saige Porray

Social Studies: Hayden Christensen, Emma Tischner, Dawson Ball

Junior High Youth Board Meets with School Board

Submitted by andrea.pond on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 07:43
Lana Hiskey

Junior High Youth Board meets with Nebo School District Board of Education

A highlight for the Nebo School Board of Education is to meet with students from each of the high schools and junior high schools on a quarterly basis. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school.

The Nebo School Board took this opportunity to ask the Youth Board students questions concerning college and career readiness, technology and one-to-one devices, and readiness for mathematics.

An advantage of these group discussions for students is to learn from each other and implement successful ideas in their own schools. This sharing opportunity promotes friendships between the schools in our Nebo School District that is growing about 650 students yearly with over 32,000 students this year.

Front Row: Students in no particular order: Audrey Hergert & Logan Bennett, Payson Junior High; Bailey Savage & Evyn Staheli, Mt. Nebo Junior High; Hampton Bassett & Mikayla Morehouse, Diamond Fork Junior High; Ethan Gunn & Lyndsi Theurer, Spanish Fork Junior High; Moroni Wright & Kailtlyn Gee, Springville Junior High; Mason Pond & Riley Williams, Mapleton Junior High; Hyrum Devenport & Elizabeth Ashcraft, Salem Junior High

Back Row: Nebo School Board of Education: KL Tischner, Vice President Shannon Acor, Rick Ainge, Superintendent Rick Nielsen, President Kristen Betts, Christine Riley Dean Rowley, and Randy Boothe


MJHS Student Receives Award

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 08:13
Andrea Pond

Councilman Chris Sorensen awarded two very deserving students the Mayor’s Recognition Award in January’s City Council Meeting.  Recipient Jaden Christensen is in 9th grade at Mapleton Junior High. He is the son of Holly and Mike Christensen. MJHS Counselor and HOPE Squad advisor, Kirsten Hullinger, nominated Jaden. She explains, “Jaden is truly a caring thoughtful, friendly and kind young man. Jaden is very perceptive of others feelings and has alerted me several times about students that are in need of help. He always has a smile on his face and is quick to start up a conversation with anyone and everyone. He is genuinely interested in what the person has to say and is a wonderful listener.”  


The Mayor and City Council encourage you to look around and take notice of students who are reaching out to help others, striving to be there best and positively contributing to our community. Nominate a student at or call the Communities that Care Coordinator at 801-491-7823.


Spirit Week - January 25-29

Submitted by andrea.pond on Wed, 01/20/2016 - 10:02
Suzie Rowley

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK please show your school spirit and pride by supporting MJHS during Spirit Week! The student government will be randomly handing out treats during the week for those that show spirit. Let's have a fun week and show our amazing school spirit!



Tuesday - PAJAMA DAY

Wear your favorite (appropriate) pajama's

Wednesday - WILD LIFE

Wear Camo or Animal Prints


Flashback to the 80's or 90's


Bring out your inner JEDI - Anything STAR WARS!!


Spirit of the Mustang - January 2016

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 01/12/2016 - 10:45
Hilary Miner

I have had the opportunity to work with Flora since I started working for Mr. Daybell, but it wasn’t until I became a tracker that I was able to work closely with Flora and get to know her on a personal basis.  What I was able to observe while working with Flora is how dedicated she is to the faculty and the students who are at the school.  She truly cares about the well-being of everyone and wants to make sure everyone is successful and happy in what they are doing.  I know a lot of people respect her and turn to her when they are having a bad day or need help with an issue they are facing.  I have had individuals that I worked with, when they were having a bad day, say “I need some counseling, I’m going to go talk to Flora”.  When I would see them later they would be in a noticeably better mood and would express how much they appreciated Flora and her willingness to listen to and help them. 

When I worked as a tracker, Flora was the counselor that I worked the most closely with.  We would meet regularly and discuss the students who needed our help.  She always wanted to find the best solution for each individual student and would do everything that she could possibly do to help a student succeed.  Unfortunately, not every student is as successful as we would like them to be, and in those situations Flora would always say “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Flora did everything in her power to try and persuade the students to “drink”, she really is dedicated to the students here and to their success.

On a personal note, I have a lot to be thankful for in terms of Flora and things she has done for me.  If any of you would like to know my life plan, where I am at and what I am doing, just ask Flora as she is the one planning it all out for me, apparently I have not done a good job of handling that myself so she has taken the reigns J I joke about it, but I am grateful for Flora.  Literally, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.  I am going to miss going in to her office and chatting with her, as I am one of the individuals who took advantage of her counseling skills, and l will miss listening to her stories and experiences.  If none of you have ever taken the opportunity to stop by her office and talk to her, I highly recommend you do so, you will leave feeling a lot better about yourself, your job, and just life in general.  She tries to say she isn’t a critical member of the faculty at the Jr. high, but don’t let her fool you, things won’t be the same at the school when she retires.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with and get to know Flora as my interactions with her have definitely changed my life for the better.


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