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With the average college tuition costing $4,000 and rising, scholarships are becoming more popular than ever. While most scholarships are awarded during high school, many of the specific requirements begin in Junior High. The best time for junior high students to become familiar with scholarships is now!

Regents Scholarship

One of the best scholarships for junior high students to be aware of is the Regents Scholarship.  Any Utah student who takes specific classes, scores high enough on the ACT and gets good enough grades will qualify for this scholarship. To find out more about this scholarship, including the specific requirements, please visit

Regents' Scholarship Program Guide for 2016-2017


Academic Scholarships

Almost all Universities offer scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding academics in 9th-12th grade. Most colleges base academic scholarships off of students GPA, ACT/SAT score and in some instances the difficulty of courses previously taken. Visit the following websites to find more details about these academic scholarships:

Utah Valley University

University of Utah

Brigham Young University  

Utah State University  

Southern Utah University  

Weber State University  

Dixie State College

Snow College