General Information about School Fees and Fee Waivers

General Information about School Fees and Fee Waivers

  • Required Fees: these fees are assessed to all students and cover the costs of textbooks, lab supplies, student activities, etc.
  • Optional Fees: these fees are charged only to students that participate in certain programs or classes and cover the specific costs associated with those classes. Yearbooks purchases are available under optional fees.
  • Donations: You are welcome to make donations to the school - parent donations often help fund supplies and activities for students as well as providing for school improvements.
  • Extra-Curricular Fees: these are not paid at registration, but will be paid if/when your student begins participation in an extra-curricular activity; this includes cross country, golf, tennis, basketball, wrestling, track, etc.

Fee Waivers: if you think you may qualify for a fee waiver, you must apply in person at the school. Verification of income is required.

  • Utah law permits the charging of fees in grades seven through twelve. This means that your student may be charged fees for school materials, supplies, activities and programs. 
  • If your student is eligible based on income verification or receives SSI payments (qualified child with disabilities), or if you are receiving TANF (Horizon Card - currently qualified for financial assistance or food stamps) or the student was placed in your home by the state as a foster child, the school will waive fees (meaning that you will not be required to pay the student fees). 
  • If you are having a financial emergency caused by job loss, major illness, or other substantial loss of income beyond your control, your child might be eligible for a fee waiver even if other eligibility criteria are not met. You may apply for fee waivers by submitting the Fee Waiver Application (Grades 7-12) to an administrator at MJHS. 

A copy of the application in both English and Spanish is found below by clicking on the link.

English -

Spanish -

Please Note: Charges for P.E. clothing, yearbooks, school pictures and other similar items are not fees and can not be waived. Also, if your student loses or damages school property, the costs of replacement or repair are not fees and can not be waived.


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